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Anti-Asian Hate Crimes 

In Honor of:

Delaina Ashley Yuan

Paul Andre Michels 

Xiaojie Tan

Daoyou Feng

Julie Park 

Hyeon Jeong Park

Soon Chung Park

Suncha Kim

March 18th, 2021

We, the Alpha Eta Chapter of Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. at UNC-Chapel Hill, are deeply saddened and emotionally-charged by the events that took place in the Atlanta-area of Georgia on March 16, 2021. Our thoughts and love go out to the eight victims and the families affected by this violence. From March 2020 to the end of February 2021, there have been 3,795 reports of anti-Asian hate crimes that continue to rise from ongoing xenophobia. Of these reports, Asian American women and the elderly were disproportionately targeted. Not only during the COVID-19 pandemic, but for centuries, Asian women have been fetishized as exotic, submissive, and docile, and it is more important than ever to come together to combat these harmful stereotypes in order to protect all women.


The Asian American community has felt much loss and isolation in the past year – fighting internal gaslighting and fears of taking space in the midst of so much political unrest. It is important for us to stand in solidarity amongst each other along with our allies across other communities of color. These are not isolated events and we must work together to combat the acts of systemic violence, misogyny, and white supremacy that are deeply embedded in the foundation of this country. It is important to recognize this hate crime for what it is and understand that removing the racial implications of this violence is unsettling, invalidating, and wrong. 


As it is important to take action, we also want to remind our community members to take mental and emotional breaks as needed. Feelings such as grief, anger, helplessness, and loss are all valid, and there is no right way to process these events. Please remember to not only check in on your Asian American peers, but to take care of yourselves, your family, your friends, and utilize mental health resources. We are strongest together and these repeated acts of violence will not break the unity that we share. 




The Alpha Eta Chapter of Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.





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