What is Rush?

Rush is a two-week period where students can come learn about our values and get to know our sisters! Rush is held at the start of each semester where we host social and informational events about our sorority and what we do. There is no cost or commitment to rushing and it's a great opportunity to get to know other students while learning about multicultural Greek life at UNC. Students are welcome to come have fun and talk to sisters with no obligation of joining!

"Greek life is not for me..."

It's easy to say that many of our own sisters came into college never expecting to join a sorority! However, it is important to acknowledge that stereotypes often falsely portray Greek life which helped many of our sisters realize that Kappa Phi Lambda was for them. Here are some common misconceptions about joining a sorority and how Kappa Phi Lambda stands on these myths:

  1. "Greek life is all partying and drinking." Kappa Phi Lambda ensures that our sisters are constantly provided a safe and welcoming space. While partying and drinking can easily be found in the college experience, we make sure that individuals are able to make healthy decisions and have fun at their own discretion. Our sisters can choose to partake in those types of events if they are able to, but our primary focus as a sorority is dedicated to advocating our pillars and philathropy as successful members of Chapel Hill's community.
  2. "I won't have time to do anything else."
    Our sisters are actively involved in organizations throughout all of our campus. Like any organization, joining a sorority is a commitment, but each sister can decide how much work is dedicated to it on a regular basis. Many of our sisters find themselves extremely dedicated to our sorority while still actively participating in other cultural/academic organizations, volunteering, holding part-time jobs, doing research, maintaining hobbies, studying, and more.
  3. "You're just paying for your friends."
    It is easy to say that joining Kappa Phi Lambda is much larger than that. Joining our sorority means discovering a dedication to our pillars of Sisterhood, Service, and Cultural Diversity, with hopes of making a positive and significant impact on eachother and our community. This sorority provides a national network where our sisters have been able to travel throughout the country and connect with sisters from all different paths of life. Our dues go towards being an official member of this sorority and helping ensure that this lifetime effort continues.
  4. "Greek life is known for hazing."
    Kappa Phi Lambda enforces an anti-hazing policy via the National Constitution and Risk Management Policy and in accordance with university policies and state laws. All existing and prospective members have the right to be treated fairly, with dignity and respect. Hence, our new member process is positive, and focuses on nurturing prospective members to become women of values and vision with no toelrance for hazing.

How does Rush work?

While we are an Asian-interest sorority, we are not Asian-exclusive and welcome all ladies to stop by a rush event and see what Kappas are all about! Our sisters come from diverse backgrounds and participate in a broad range of activities throughout UNC, so there truly is space for all types of women in our organization. Our rush events include exploring cultural diversity, service events, social events, and informational meetings. After attending one informational meeting and two other Rush events, the student qualifies for an interview with our sisters and may be offered a bid. A bid is an invitation to begin Kappa Phi Lambda's new member process which is where the student will learn about our history, values, and what it means to be a sister.

Why Kappas?

As one of the most common questions we get, it ultimately comes down to the passion we put into our three pillars: sisterhood, service, and cultural diversity. Although we build many friendships and memories between a diverse group of young women across generations, our ideals of cultural education and social impact is what makes Kappa Phi Lambda stand out. We believe in not only helping the community but being an important force in society. Every Asian American woman (and every woman in general) deserves to have a voice that is heard. As an organization that strongly in our values, we hope to help our members become leaders of the world. Come out to Rush to meet our sisters and learn more about why Kappa Phi Lambda!

Will Spring 2021 Rush follow proper social distancing guidelines?

No worries! All rush events will be held virtually for Fall 2020.

Check out our rush events on Facebook and fill out the RSVP forms for each rush event you'd like to attend. We will send you a Zoom link via e-mail which you will use to "attend" each event you RSVP to.
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More questions about Kappa Phi Lambda?

Reach out to our Rush Chairs, any of our sisters, or ask us on our Instagram @unckpl

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