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Effervescent Epsilons

The sisters of Kappa Phi Lambda want to warmly welcome and introduce to the Greek community our fresh, newly crossed Effervescent Epsilons to eternal sisterhood! These passionate, enticing ladies came a long way, and we excited to finally call these nine Kappa Phi Lambda sisters <3


#38 Christy Thalangsy *Diox* | Big: Lindsey Jung *Khloris*

#39 Alice Wang *Moonrise* | Big: Xuan Tran *Sunstruck*

#40 Daria Nonnemaker *Black Ops* | Big: Demi Davis *Clique* Duke University

#41 Kailee Akers *Confession* | Big: Mariko Martin *Scenic* North Carolina State University

#43 Alexis Gaviola *Exuviate* | Big: Marina Nguyen *Dissipate*

#44 Alicia Nam *Amarena* | Big: Denise King *Amavel*

#45 Audrey Sung *Velloire* | Big: Xena Nguyen *Instill*

Thank you to their moms #12 Anne Lee *Lucrative* and #23 Thao Duong *Caladrius* for their exceptional guidance and upmost care. Congratulations for raising such fine sisters!

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