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Euphoric Etas

We're proud to present our new Euphoric Eta Class! The sisters of Kappa Phi Lambda are ecstatic to welcome these diligent, charismatic ladies into our everlasting sisterhood. You all have rightfully earned your spot in this house and we cannot wait to see what you all bring to our sisterhood.


#54 Ariane Caguioa *Halo Effect* | Big: Kimberly Ha *Wolfsbane* #55 Sunny Darlington *Aurai* | Big: Minh Nguyen *Levity* #56 Michelle Chen *Gendarmerie* | Big: Daria Nonnemaker *Black Ops* #58 Annie Chen *Nonstop* | Big: Olivia Chao *Vivident* #59 Amanda Matilde Lopez *Canary* | Big: Bonnie Loh *Katharsis* #60 Melody Alexander *Prologue* | Big: Audrey Sung *Velloire*

Huge congratulations and thank you to their program educators #26 Marina Nguyen *Dissipate* and #35 Jennifer Lin *Dissent*. Your unconditional love and incomparable guidance to these ladies really paid off and we couldn't be happier to have you two as this semester's program educators.

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