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Zetetic Zetas

The sisters of Kappa Phi Lambda would like to give a warm welcome and introduce our newly crossed Zetetic Zetas! These passionate, enthusiastic eight have a come a long way but we are excited to finally call them our sisters <3


#46 Tania Gavino *OHANA* | Big: Alexis Rush *Squad*

#47 Allie Dunston *Cylix* | Big: Anne Lee *Lucrative*

#48 Loan Le *Vellichor* | Big: Xena Nguyen *Instill*

#49 Cecilia Fang *Excision* | Big: Christina Lee *Unbound*

#50 Abigail Qiao *Kitari* | Big: Bethany Ngo *Crossover*

#51 Ana Ni *Astrolite* | Big: Vanessa Pang *Ensnare*

#52 Melanie Tan *Skipper* | Big: Priscilla Shin *Poiana*

#53 Ashlee Lo *Profess* | Big: Vany Nguyen *Comprise*

Thank you to their moms #19 Helen Zhang *Koeda* and #27 Jennifer Wong *Blastoff* for their exceptional guidance and upmost care. Congratulations for raising such fine sisters!

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